Expedited Response Times (SLA)

We are a Shared Services business model it means you’re sharing our whole team with the rest of our clients.

Whilst this is good as you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money & time to build out and manage your own internal IT team, it means that we can’t offer immediate support for you for 100% of the time (we wish we could, but we’d need to charge 10x the price).

However, we know that one of the easiest ways to make you happy is to provide FAST and RELIABLE support when you need it most.

So to keep things fair, we categorize all issues into Priorities and work them in order. This means that when you have a Critical issue – we can work on it SUPER quick (by taking a little longer to work on your lower priority tasks).

Here’s the times we aim for in each Priority, along with some simple examples:







Your Main Server is offline and all users are unable to work.

1 Hours

One of your Network Switches has failed and stopped half the users from working.

A VPN link between 2 x offices is offline causing one office to be unable to work.


Your Internet Connection is offline, users can still work locally OK

2 Hours

Your CEO’s computer has stopped working and they have an urgent task

Your main Accounting Software has stopped working and is unavailable


A user’s desktop is making a strange noise

4 Hours

One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one 

A user is having problems connecting to the Wireless network


Printing is slower than normal

8 Hours

A single user is unable to scan documents

A user needs a program installed on their Computer or Laptop

No Priority

Pro-Active Maintenance of systems, including Software Updates


New User Setup and Configuration

New Computer or Laptop Installation and Configuration